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    What does the Exit command actually do?

    arashmaz Level 1

      Hi all


      I'm trying to get a bit of clarity around what the Exit command does when creating a button?


      The reason I ask this is when creating a project in Captivate 8 (SCORM 1.2) and publishing it without a exit button we can instruct the learners on the final slide to close the project by closing the window they're viewing it in. In our LMS it records their completion and responses.


      However if we create a course where the learners have 3 attempts at completing it, say for a quiz. Without an Exit button the LMS won't record the responses for each attempt, it will just show one attempt and whatever responses were given in the latest attempt. However, if we include an Exit button in the Captivate, in the LMS you can view each attempt and the learner's responses for each attempt.


      I know that really an exit button should be included at the end of all projects if the LMS behaves in that way, and that's what we're intending on doing. However as the first way I described has worked in the past and has been used in the past we have had challenges when including Exit buttons from various people in our business.


      I appreciate that there maybe quirks about the LMS at play here. But I'm just trying to figure out what else that Exit command does besides close the window the SWF is being viewed in and exit the project. As it clearly does some other things in the background?