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    How to preview exactly how my ads will react on differents browsers  ?

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      Hello all,

      I made a ad consisting in a mini-game (slots) in Animate CC 2015.2, release I have problem when I test it through html5validator  ( AdWords | HTML5 Validator  ) on CHROME but not on INTERNET EXPLORER.


      • Here is how the ad works:

      The user click one time to launch the game. A second time to try again. And a last one click to get the results, this last click send the user to the website.


      • And some details about my problem:

      When I test my ad in local (CHROME and iEXPLORER, everythings is ok. The last click use the Exit.Api and a page tells me:


      If you've arrived at this page, you've successfully integrated the ExitApi for your HTML5 ad. When a consumer clicks on your ad, they will not see this page, and will instead be sent to your destination URL as defined in AdWords."

      Perfect, I guess.


      But when I try this same ad on the html5validator on CHROME, the first click to lunch the game says me:

      "Your click was successful and should track correctly

      This creative is not using the ExitApi and will click through to the landing page set in AdWords."

      I don't want my first click to redirect to the website, I just want it on the third click, like it works in IE.
      Also, the exitApi is well implemented since it works on IE.


      What can I do to be sure my ad will works on CHROME and IE since html5validator doesn't works properly on CHROME ?


      Thanks for you help !


      Here is the html5validator link to the ad