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    Pasting text with accents problem

    Jaime de Vos Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm running into a big problem when copying accented text from Microsoft Word or IBM Lotus Notes (and others) and pasting it into InDesign.


      Spaces between accented letters and the next word are removed and words with accented letters are broken up with a - (dash). I can circumvent this problem by pasting the text into a text editor, copying it and then pasting it into InDesign. But this is quite tedious and time consuming. This is on a Mac Pro with OS X El Capitain. All the content that I receive is created on Windows platforms.


      I work with many accented languages. Not being able to trust InDesign to format text properly is driving me crazy.


      Some examples.


      1. Space removed.


      Copied text

      Sur le tarif 2015/2016 à partir du 1er août 2016


      Pasted text

      Sur le tarif 2015/2016 àpartir du 1er août 2016 


      2. Dash added to word.


      Copied text



      Pasted text





      I really hope someone has run into this problem in the past and knows a solution!