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    Which part of our computer should we upgrade to see naturally 'composition' window ?


      We're editing the video with using "After Effect"(2015.3 Release).

      There are a few questions while we're working.


      First, we're using the computer specifications like these : i7-3820, 32G Ram, Quadro K4200, SSD 512 etc. 



         1. We would like to see the "effects" which we are applying through 'composition' window of "After Effect" more naturally. Which part of our computer should we upgrade? (For example, upgrading "Ram" or replacing "GPU" with a better hardware )


         2. Now, GPU is Quadro K4200 and the loading rate of GPU is low(less than 10%) when editing.

      Ray-tracing was set to GPU.

      Is it normal?


         3. If we buy a new GPU, which one is better, M4000 vs 980ti sli?

      Otherwise, is there a better product at a similar price?


      We would like to appreciate for your help. Thank you.