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    Unable to edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

    lauriek21601 Level 1

      Good Morning,


      One of my users is trying to edit a PDF that does not currently have recognizable text. I understand that if none of the text is recognized you are unable to edit it until you run OCR.


      Although from my understanding with Adobe Acrobat DC after choosing "Edit PDF" Acrobat should automatically recognize the text on the first page to make it editable, although for my user after choosing "Edit PDF" they receive this error message:



      If I try the same process with the same document on Adobe Acrobat PRO DC the program will automatically recognize the first page and make it editable.


      So my question is: Is this problem occurring because we are using Adobe Acrobat Standard? I tried looking on your website to see what features do not come with Adobe Acrobat DC Standard but was unable to find any information regarding OCRing files automatically.


      Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.