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    Superscript not reducing font size accordingly

    melissaMAHLE Level 1

      I have InDesign CS6 (PC) and am working on a document created by our parent company in Germany. When I add the registered trademark and make it superscript, it moves, but it doesn't reduce the font size of the actual registered trademark. When I create one in a new file, it will work correctly. I tried copying and pasting it into the existing document and it reverts back. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere that needs to be tweaked. I'm hoping someone out there has had experience with this and can help.


      This is from the existing document. The first is prior to making it superscript. The 2nd is after it's made superscript. It shifts it up, but doesn't reduce the font size of the registered trademark symbol accordingly.



      This is from the new document.