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    Chris McQuillen



      I'm using RoboHelp 11, publishing WebHelp Pro to RoboServer 9. Viewing output on Chrome and IE 11.


      I have been trying to figure out how to build twisties into my project for drop down hotspots. After struggling with it all day yesterday I gave up. Then today a reviewer sent me some revisions by copy/pasting from the published webpage to a word document. In this word doc I could see the twistie images. So I went to replicate this myself - copied a dropdown hotspot from the website and pasted into word, and the twistie image was there.


      I then generated the SSL and viewed it before publishing - still no twisties visible.


      Here are examples:


      This is the Published web page, the arrows point out where twisties should be. I did notice a javascript message when hovering over the drop down - maybe this is the issue?


      Same section Copy/pasted into Word - red arrows pointing out the twistie images I chose yesterday:



      And finally, this is screen shot of the same content inside the project file in Robo:



      Any ideas of what is going on here or some troubleshooting steps to take?