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    Import from another catalog - can't select catalog items


      I'm trying to merge a temporary catalog I started on my laptop back into my "main" catalog - both are v5.7.1.  I exported the the photos from my laptop to a location on my NAS, including the raw files.  I can see both the catalog and all the 5,000 or so raw files there.


      Next step - import from catalog into my "main" catalog - here's where the problem occurs.  I can't select all catalog items - they're greyed-out, and I can't click on them to select.  See screen shot below:

      LR Catalog import err.png


      I have reason to believe that this is an import issue rather than an export issue, because if I copy the exported catalog to a non-networked location and open in LR, I see all 5000-ish photos.  I just can't get them to merge via the import.


      I could really use a hand on this, as I spent a good bit of time rating these files over the weekend, and I'd just as soon not have to start over.