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    Cannot preview or remove recorded voice over

      I have made a Breeze presentation but am unable to:

      (1) Preview the presentation on my own computer. I must upload to the Breeze server. The 'preview on your own computer' option is not even offered as a choice.
      (2) Remove the recorded voice-over audio from a particular slide. I do not want to add silence. I wish to delete the recording audio I made for the slide.

      Thanks in advance
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          robva65 Level 2
          At first read, it looks like you might have the trial version of the plugin. Is that true?

          Second, just so I understand what you're experiencing, did you try deleting the audio using the Audio Editor panel from the Breeze menu? You should be able to simply double click the waveform and delete it. If the Audio Editor doesn't show a waveform for the specific slide, I'd check to see if audio was recorded using the Record Narration feature of the Slide Show menu in Powerpoint. If that's the case, there should be a small speaker/audio icon on the slide.