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    Premiere 14 lagging from 30 sec to 60 between clips


      I have been converting family DVDs for over a year and have done about 60, DVD mpg. My system is: LENOVO (new 1yr) and Win10.  My Project has 9 clips for a length of and am using both Expert and Quick.  As I add each clip I am clipping the front and backs.  Recently I have noticed that going from clip to clip can take from 30 to 60 sec.  In the load of the complete project is when I started to notice this.  Prior to the software going thru a re-render, I can move around with no problem, but after the 3 minute render is when I have problems.  I have also noticed that when I go to use a system menu command and the commands are grayed out requiring a second entry?  I have completed this last project - Archive Project and burned an updated DVD which works beautifully, thank you. By the by, this is not the only project that I've had problems with. Am I failing to empty an address file or data file at the end of my project?  Any help would be appreciated, but I will continue on, for I have about 40 more DVDs to convert.  I love using the movie title and the scenes, it helps cleanup of the junk shooting done with the VHS.  Nothing new has been added to my system, except normal upgrades.  jim howe