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    Support Request License Key - 4x promise 24-hour 'senior' response; now two weeks later.


      Hi all -


      This could very well be the wrong place to post this question, in which case I apologize -- but I am a somewhat at the end of my tatters here.


      Opened a support request [case 0219126121] through the Adobe Support Wizard about three weeks ago to request a download link to the software I purchased with a new laptop [3 years ago]. Responded by sending the machine's invoice to provide Proof of Purchase, etc. but nothing, absolutely nothing, has come back from Adobe's 'Senior Support Team'. We're now five calls later and three promises that we would receive an email with the required information.


      I provided the transcripts of all chats to show these promises; each time receiving exactly the same response; 'Your case has been escalated 'with urgency' for the Senior Support Team' and they will get back within 24 hours by email'.


      Has anyone else experienced the same kind of service from Adobe, and is there another way i can contact anyone - just ANYONE - who can assist us with this seemingly very, very simple issue [that plainly isn't simple enough to be resolved within 24+24+24+24 hours time]?


      Happy to provide transcripts for info.


      Starting to lose faith in Adobe.