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    Scrubbing in Flash CC at 20+fps is useless


      I used to make lipsync style animations using the scrubbing of audio to match up where the keyframes need to go.


      But at the default fps of 24, scrubbing is useless now. You get a fraction of a tiny snippet, and scrubbing along isn't anywhere close to a contiguous sound bite. In theory if you scrub at any rate faster than the framerate you should here constant sound, even if it skips small pieces. But at 16+, no matter how fast you scrub you get completely disjoint pieces. at 24 it's disjoint enough that you can no longer make out the words/sounds.


      At 10-12 fps, it sounds much more like what I remember using, but if possible I want to keep the 24fps for more detailed animation in other areas of the scene.


      Is there a way to adjust the scrubbing behaviour at all?