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    Ruler Guides Disappear from some pages but not other




      I am using InDesign CD 5.5 using a system running Leopard. I have an 80 page document and on most pages my margin guides and ruler guides are visable and everything works as it should but I have a couple pages in my document where the margin guides are visible but as soon as I pull a ruler guide onto the page and then release it, it disappears, deletes is not there. I am not changing anything when moving between pages so on Page 1 they don't work, I move to page 2 without changing anything and they work, go back to page 1 without changing anything and they disappear - will never work on that page. This only happens a few pages within my document and I can not work out what is going on. Can someone shed any light for me. I have been through other discussions to try and troubleshoot but could not find an answer.


      Many thanks in advance for your help.