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    Printing Problem with Xerox 7855: Colors different from monitor

    stat7 Level 1

      We have a Xerox 7855 printer and the colors I input into InDesign based on CMYK differ greatly than what is printed by the printer.

      Should I change the setting from CMYK to RGB or from North America General Purpose 2 to something else?

      I am thoroughly frustrated - I have great designs on my screen but they come out muddy in print!!!



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          Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Georgette.


          This is a hard one to get a handle on, because there are a lot of moving parts here. And Adobe InDesign, frankly, is perhaps the smallest part of it. Also, frankly, this is a deep rabbit hole to fall into. Depending on how seriously you want to take color calibration for your workflow, the information below will help get you started.


          Your monitor's color reproduction could be off. Or your printer's calibration could be out of whack. Or both. And your work environment may not be good for doing quality color reproduction work.I'd suggest you start with these variables, first with simple tricks outlined below, then if need be with more sophisticated options -- depending on how much work is needed, and how seriously you want to take this.


          1. Monitor calibration. You want your monitor to consistently show clean color reproduction. That's the first part of trusting the color you see will be the color you print. Following are two online articles which will get you started:






          These two articles are similar, but not identical. I'd recommend reading both of them, and having a comfortable understanding of them before you start poking around monitor calibration. For a more sophisticated angle on calibrating your monitor, using hardware and software tools to get a better handle on it, I'd then consider the following article:


          How to Calibrate Your Monitor


          2. Printer calibration. You want your printer to consistently output clean color reproduction. For a good feel of this, you might want to read the following overview on printer calibration, from a Xerox supplier in Great Britain:




          Your Xerox 7855 printer is out of production, but still serviced by Xerox. Following is a quick YouTube video from another Xerox supplier on how to use your printer's calibration functions:


          Calibrating the Xerox WorkCentre 7556 / 7545 / 7535 / 7530 / 7525, QDoxs QTip! - YouTube


          3. Environmental Calibration. The place where you work has a lot of impact on clean color reproduction too -- sometimes as much or more than your monitor and printer calibration. Are you and your computer set by a nice window so you can watch the world go by? That may be great for morale, but it's lousy for color reproduction because the light changes in your workspace all day long. Thick curtains will block out outside light and make lighting in your space more consistent. Are you stuck in a cubicle under fluorescent light? That stinks too, because cool blue light distorts your perception of colors on the screen. Neutral white light like you'd get from old-fashioned light bulbs are better, without any glare/reflections on screen which would distort how color appears. Do you have a cool picture background of you and your kids playing in the park? Changing that to a neutral, medium gray background is boring, but keeps bright colors in the background of your monitor from messing with how you perceive color in your Adobe graphic files.


          You need to get all these things in check before you even start messing with color settings within Adobe applications. Also, before you start using generic color settings provided by Adobe, you want to see if your Xerox vendor has custom-calibrated profiles (often called ICC profiles) that correspond more precisely with what your Xerox 7855 printer can do.


          If you've got this far through this answer, you are just starting to get an idea of how deep that color calibration rabbit hole can be. I don't want to discourage you -- a good color calibration regimen ensures better results between what you see working on screen and what you print out when you're done. It isn't easy, but it's certainly worth the effort.


          Sorry for the long-winded answer(s). This may not be an easy answer, but it is the correct one. If you can let us know what version of Adobe program(s) you use, what computer(s) you run them on, and what kind of work you're doing, we can help guide you in your efforts.

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            I saw this article recently "

            Whither Adobe? Issues With Accurate Printing From Lightroom and Photoshop"

            : https://luminous-landscape.com/whither-adobe/