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    Suddenly all DNG files in LR 6.6 give the message "The file appears to be damaged or unsupported"


      I'm running LR 6.6 on Mac OS 10.10.5.


      Suddenly and without warning, a problem has arisen with all DNG files in my catalog.  I can view the photos in the Library module without an issue, but when I switch to the Develop module, I cannot edit the photos and I am presented with the message "The file appears to be damaged or unsupported".  All of these DNG files have been on my HD for months or years and I have been able to edit them without problems before.


      I cannot tell what is going on, but I have tried a few things:


      *     The HD appears to be in good shape.  Disk Utility was able to find no errors and validation issues on the disc

      *     The problem has affected all 8000+ DNG files in my catalog, but no other file types

      *     The files are readable by other programs such as Iridient Developer and Mac Preview.

      *     I first noticed the problem after upgrading to LR 6.6, but the problem may have arisen earlier

      *     All DNG files were shot on a Fujifilm XE-2 and converted from RAF to DNG with Adobe Camera Raw.



      Any help is greatly appreciated!