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    Adobe DC - Simplified field notation won't accept mathematical operation.


      I am using Adobe DC. I am trying to enter a simple equation in the "Simplified field notations:" feature under the Calculate tab in my text box named, "OverallPercentage" (without the quotes). I click the radio button for Simplified field notation: then click the edit button and the "Create and edit javascripts" window pops up. I enter the simple mathematical operation, "GrandTotal/488" (without the quotes). I click the "OK" button and the Calculate tab reappears with the Simplified field notation box empty and the radio button unselected but the "Value is not calculated" radio button is selected (this is the default configuration). It's though my inputs were completely ignored. I do not know what is going on! I have researched this problem and cannot find any answers and I am following all of the many tutorials to accomplish this seemingly simple task. Does anyone know what I am missing?


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