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    My Raw have been replaced by corrupted 4 ko Raw - Please help me

    zazie942 Level 1


      Sorry for my english I'm French.

      I'm a photographer and I work with LR for a long time.

      Few month ago, I have to find an old picture in LR, in a Folder, and the picture was no more available. I found some recent file with the old name but a recent date. and the file was no more available.

      At this time i thought that i have made a mistake.


      Today I was in LR ans surch another file on a recent folder -> Same thing Files corrupted, replaced by other in the vignette in LR and it's not possible to open the Raw.

      The replacement was made the 5, 7, 12 and 13 July in différent folder.


      Today i have surching in another folder to see if the picture are ok, I thnk they are, by I have just seen that today at 14h45 I have a lot of "New Raw" 4 ko only  with the old name, in the folder that i have seen !  All this raw are now corrupted !


      What the hell, what can i do, I lost a lot my picture but i'm a photographer it's terrific, I'm so afraid to reopen LR, I have done a backup to save what i can save, but i lost a lot, and iI think it's not finish.


      I'm on mac OS 10.11.5, i work with LR6 CC, my wokrflow is : Importation on the laptop, work on the laptop, and at the end, move by LR in an external Hard drive. and sometine 4 folders in the same time.

      Today, i have moved a folder  name 'Emma' just after recover it with time machine.


      But the folder Ko at 14h45 is "Nathalie" Folder, a folder that i have seen for verify that evething is ok.


      Have you already have a similar problem ?


      Please help me


      Véronique From Paris