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    How do I make a pdf automatically put the users email address on the pdf?


      I'm in a business with a lot of competition and I'd like to send our customers a price list, but need to restrict my customers to send it to the competition. I was thinking: a pdf which automatically puts the email address (of the person opening the file) on the pdf (maybe as some kind of watermark).


      Example: If I open the document, my email address would be on top of the pdf and it would be a different email address than when my neighbour opens the file (it should be a dynamic form/watermark).



      Any other solutions are fine too. Maybe automatically sending me the email adresses or names of people opening the file (but maybe that's illegal because of the privacy of people).


      Long story short: I need a way to restrict people to forward my pdfs, but I cannot find a way to find a solution to this. Acrobat has so many features that I really hope this is possible.


      Thanks in advance!