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    Interactive Text Fields and Publish Online

    Leon Keller


      I am developing a program for a conference-- we've typically produced a printing version, this year we're adding a digital version for the attendees to download ahead of time.

      One thing I am adding is text field to the daily schedule— as a way people can enter appointments/ notes for themselves.

      I get it to work-- by exporting it as a PDF (Interactive). We've tested it, and if people have Acrobat on their computer/ iOS/ Android devices, it works.

      I'm trying to use the Publish Online option from InDesign-- in part, that we have a way of updating the program and having an easy way for people to download the latest version.

      I've noticed that if I go this route, I loose the interactive features.

      If I export the file as PDF (Interactive) and select the Publish Online, the PDF that is generated does work, but the one published online does not.


      Does anyone know of a way to make sure that Interactive Text Fields will still work when using Publish Online?