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    No OpenCL Hardware Acceleration with AMD FirePro W5100

    cyperfection Level 1



      i'm using


      Premiere Pro CC 10.3 

      AE  on a


      Dell Precision T1700 System:


      - Windows 10 64

      - AMD FirePro W5100 (FireGL V)

      - Intel i7 - 4790

      - 16Gig Ram



      After the latest Adobe CC Update Premiere started to warn me that the Projects im about to open used to make use of the GPU Acceleration (OpenCL) which is not available  on my system.


      In the Project Settings i cannot change the Mercury Renderer as "Software" is greyed out.


      Im not able to use OpenCL on new Projects either. The old Projects where created on the same Hardware and used to open up until recently without any warning.


      I phoned AMD, they said that their latest driver wouldn't support OpenCL and i should roll back to "15.201.2401-whql-firepro-retail", which I did. It didn't solve the problem though.


      The mainboard has an onboard graphics card. Maybe that has something to do with it?


      Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


      Thank You