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    Verity Issue - Clustered Servers

      To summarize:

      We have an interesting issue that I am attempting to create a work around for. Our website exists in a clustered enviorment (3 servers), a development server, and a file server (mostly PDF's Word docs, PPT's etc...). Each server re-indexes the Verity collections nightly via scheduled task and the file server does as well. Since we host our servers in a sercure external enviorment there is no direct network connection between the clustered servers and the file server. Our work around for this was, since our development server can see both, we would:
      1) Re-index nightly on the file server
      2) Set a scheduled task on the dev server to copy the files from the collection on the file server to the test enviorment
      3) Use our source control to submit these copies to the clustered servers via scheduled task.

      Everything was working great until we upgraded the file server to MX 7. The collection file structure has changed for vertity in MX 7 and we cannot output the results on the search pages. We do plan to upgrade all of our servers to MX 7 but it is going to take a few months.

      We are trying to come up with some ideas as how we can integrate the results from the file server. (i.e CFHTTP) as we dump the results from 3 collections into an array and then sort the relevance.

      Any thoughts?