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    Missing Images in Slideshow Module with Manual Play


      I am using Lightroom 6.6


      I have a slideshow with a mix of still images and .mp4 video files.


      If I have a sequence  ...  Still A    Still B   Video C.mp4   Still D   Still E  ...   then in Manual Slideshow mode image Still E will appear as a blank image on the screen. The same thing happens when the next .mp4 is shown - ie the second still image after an mp4 is replaced by a blank screen. If I switch to Automatic  Slideshow mode the slideshow plays correctly.


      I have tested this with over ten different slideshows with the same results - and it has happened in Lightroom 4, 5 and now 6   on a Mac Pro running El Capitan (though it occured also in with older operating sytems).



      Any suggestions ?