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    Accessing Local MP3's from SWF on Server

      Is it possible to access local MP3 files from an SWF that is located on our server? We have an ActiveX plugin that creates MP3 files. We'd like Flash to play them. It seems like the Flash 8 security model doesn't allow this.

      If not, then can I solve this problem with cross-scripting? We could install a local SWF when we install the ActiveX control.

      To be clear, the SWF is embedded in an HTML page. Both the SWF and the HTML are on our server.

      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Paul. Are you trying to just stream an mp3 from your server? Is the folder where the mp3 files are located accessible from the internet? I have fp8 loading quite a few mp3's for a site and it doesn't seem to be a problem. The only issue I had was I needed to do the call from within the .fla....didn't seem to want to load it using an AS2 .as file.

          Let me know if that isn't what you're trying to do and we'll try again.
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            Hi boxdoctor,

            I have similar problem and still can't figure out the solution for this. I've posted it in the Flash General Discussion forum but no one replied to the question. Below is the post and I wonder if you could give some ideas on how I should proceed.
            I've just found out that remote swf files can't access/load any files stored on the local drive. I have this swf file that allows users to answers to a series of questions. Users can record their answers using an external program that we have developed and their recorded speech are stored on local disk as mp3 files. At the end of the activity, users can listen to the whole conversation (questions asked in the form of audio in the remote swf file and users' recorded answers alternately). This works well with the old version of Flash Player but doesn't work with Flash 8, obviously because of the new security changes. I understand that it's not much to be done in terms of scripting because Flash 8 totally doesn't allow for remote swf to access local files but I want to know if anyone has this problem as well and managed to find an alternative or a workable solution for this. Need answer ASAP because I have this application online and is currently used by clients.