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    Ancestry project/metadata


      Working on an ancestry project.  The end result is to give each family member a USB (need to make this as easy as possible for the end usesr) of photos, documents, and in some cases audio and video. I have only recently started working in Lightroom and luckily each photo I had previously tagged using face recognition in PIcassa came over with the conversion.  I have found that if I click on the names in LR beside the face box, the boxes and names will appear on the picture and I just have to click on each one and hit "Enter" for it to add the name of the person into the keyword.  87 thousand, but I am just thankful that they convered in the first place.


      Now my question.  Knowing how I want the end result to look, do you guys recommend a slideshow or a book?  And I know that I can get the captions to come over on  each picture (most have a little story of that person- so that's important) but is there a way to get the names to transfer over also? Don't want to have to add each person to the caption when it is already in the Metadata. Hope that makes sense.


      When there is a group shot of people of various heights if you are not careful in the way that you draw the face recognition boxes faces/people are covered up by those boxes.  And in some cases, it is almost impossible to draw a box around that person.  Is there a work around or another way I have not discovered yet.   Adobe seems to love their gray boxes. 

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          Slideshow text overlays include the option to add keywords. Persons are keywords, so the names should show up. If the image has multiple keywords this could cause a problem though. I don't see anyway to add just person keywords and not all the others, if there are others.


          I haven't made a book in LR yet, so I don't know if it has the same text overlay feature but I'd be surprised if doesn't.

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            emilyw28236490 Level 1

            Well, I was thinking/hoping that since the Name part of the keyword is separated under the keyword list, there was a way to only filter that info to add to book/slideshow.   Do you happen to know if you uses overlays in a Slideshow or book, but choose PDF if the overlays show up on the PDF?  I have watched so many YouTube videos my head is going to explode.  Learning curve=frustration.    Thank you for your help.

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              I'm pretty sure the text overlays show up in an exported PDF slideshow because the PDF is really just each slide as a page in the PDF without any sound.