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    Problem with linking to PDFs when using Publish Online


      I'm having an issue when the document links to PDFs housed on my website (the big blue buttons), using CHROME. The links open a new window but the PDF never loads.  It does work if you right-click the button and open the link in a new window. And the issue only occurs in Chrome. It works fine in firefox and IE.




      But it can't be just a Chrome issue since the links work just fine on my site (using chrome), if you right-click and if you copy and paste the URL that never loads (using chrome). It has to be how this file is handling the link.


      I notice that InDesign is using target_blank, isn't that deprecated in HTML 5? Could this be why it doesn't work? It seems like it's treating the link like a pop-up and blocking it. Anyone else having this issue or have any insight on how I can fix this?


      Thanks in advance!