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    After Effects Preview Window Fragmented

    Jeff Trujillo 207



      I recently started a new job and have a Dell Precision T5810XL PC running Windows 10 with 72GB of Ram, Intel Xeon CPU - E5-1620, 3.50GHz Processor, 2 Dell 4k monitors (P2715Q) with an AMD Firepro W7100 Video Card. I noticed that when I try and zoom in 200% to my comp window (I have it full screen on my right monitor), the bottom half of the image is shifted to the right or left depending on how big I make the window (see picture below).  If I leave the zoom at 100% or smaller, the image isn't skewed, but the masks and bounding boxes still are (see below). 


      If I shrink the preview window down to about 60% or less of my screen, it looks normal and I can zoom in and out just like normal.  To add more confusion, the bottom half shifts more (and less) the larger and smaller I size the window (above the 60% of my screen size).


      Shrinking the window down to less than 60% is a workaround, but there has got to be a reasonable solution for this. I want to utilize my full 27" screen to create videos, so this has been a significant setback.  Can anyone help me troubleshoot?  Is this a video card problem, a monitor problem, an after effects problem or user error?