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    Can't create transparent signature stamp anymore in Acrobat XI


      I recently noticed, to my annoyance, that I can't create a transparent signature stamp in Acrobat XI anymore.


      Previously, when I clicked "Place Signature," I was given a sort of transparent "stamp" with which I was able to place a signature in a document wherever I wanted. This differs from signing with a certificate because it didn't ask for my certificate password and I didn't have to draw a box - it was just a stamp.


      I am still able to create a secure digital signature by drawing a rectangle and including an image of my signature. However, the image seems to always be centered in the rectangle, making it difficult to guess exactly how big to draw the rectangle when I'm signing a document so that I can get the signature in the right place. What's more, the signature does not seem to be transparent when signing with certificates.


      Since security is usually not SUPER important for me, it's much more convenient to be able to use the old signature "stamp" method. But when I click "place signature" it defaults to the secure digital signature. There doesn't seem to be a way back to using the old non-secure signature stamp.


      Was this tool removed from Acrobat?