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    Isilon OneFS Performance issues


      We are running Adobe Premier 2014 and 2015 on a Mac Pro with 32GB ram, 512gb SSD, I think 12 core Xeon, and a high end GPU.  Our current backend storage is a Quantum StoreNext array, and all Mac clients are direct attached via 4FC and ATTO FC Cards.  When we encode 4k video files (around 70GB in size), the process takes about 5 minutes


      We then attached the same Mac workstations via 10GB (Atto Fast frame 10GB cards) directly to an Isilon cluster with X410 nodes; 128GB RAM, 2 x SSDs in each node.  When we run the same test (either NFS or SMB3), the encoding process takes about 12 mins.  From a performance metric standpoint, the Isilon is barely showing any utilization.  Mas file copies to and from the Isilon and the Mac works well.


      Any thoughts, ideas or tweaks I need to implement? We implemented pretty much every  tweak we have found in reference architectures, specific to Isilon and Premier