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    Can't add text to additional frames on the second page of brochure

    Dallas4664 Level 1



      I want to explain this so there's a clear understanding of the problem I'm having in InDesign CC .  I've created a tabloid size brochure for a company.  The outside cover functions flawlessly, I can add multiple text frames, and add text to all of the created frames.


      Now when I go to the inside cover of this brochure, I can add text to the very first text frame that was created without any problems.  When I create subsequent text frames I cannot get a flashing cursor prompt inside of any of the frames.  The cursor prompt appears across the page in the upper left hand corner of the brochure, instead of the frame.  This happens for every frame that I create after the first frame on this page.  I'm selecting the text layer, and the proper frame, then I go to the text tool and try to place the cursor inside that frame, and the text tool will not active there.  All created text will start appearing in the upper left hand corner of the brochure where the flashing cursor is!  If I delete the very first text frame on the inside cover, then create all new text frames; I can't add text to any of the new frames either.  it almost as if text is restricted to that very first frame that I created.




      Thank You