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    Recipient not populating on EchoSign Agreement


      I am using a formula field that appears when criteria on the Agreement are met.  The code is below:


      IF (


      AND(ISPICKVAL(Apttus__Status_Category__c,"In Authoring"),    NOT(ISBLANK( Provider_UPMC_Signer__c)),  RecordType.DeveloperName = "Shared_Savings" ),



      HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_Echosign__SelectAttachment?targetPageURL=/apex/echosign_dev1__Agre ementTemplateProcess?masterid=" & Provider__c & "&templateId=a02F0000007OiLG&AccountID=" & Provider__c & "&" & id   , IMAGE("/resource/Apttus_Echosign__eSignature","Send To Other Party For eSignatures"), "_self"),  null)


      The url works find but does not pull up the predefined template.  Client wants to be able to send to multiple contacts on the Account.  I setup a template with Add Recipient record for All Account Contact Roles.


      When I get to the EchoSignAgreementAdvanced - I am not seeing my template.