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    Data Merge


      I am lost - I'm not familiar with InDesign and I have a big catalog with columns of product data that I am looking to import from csv files. Here are my questions:


      1. How do I merge multiple lines of data continuously as they appear in my original excel doc? Currently I can only get one line of data to merge. I would like to show all data in lines and have each column line up in rows as it does in excel.






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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A couple of data-merge notes and a question for you.


          1) In order to have multiple records per page, you have to start with only one page.

          2) Everything on the page is considered part of the record, so you need the text box to be tight around the height of your data, and any extra elements either on the master page (if the merge fields are on the document page), or not there at all until after the merge (if the merge fields are on the master page)


          Question: do you want to create a Table in InDesign that is set up like the excel doc?  If that is the goal, then Data Merge is the wrong tool -- you can use File > Place to put the excel table into your InDesign document.

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            michellee4985587 Level 1

            Yes, I think I will use tables instead. Data merge is not the right application here.


            Thanks for your help!