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    I would like to know, how to import a projekt from Character Animator into Premiere CC.



      first please excuse me, if in the following text are mistakes, I'm still learning English .

      Now to my Problem:

      I have created a full project in Character Animator safed it. Next I want to import it to the other clips in Premiere Pro, where I'm cutting the whole thing. But when I try to click- and drop it into my Media Browser Window, to move it straight into the timeline or the import in by using "Import" in the menu, I can't get the file into my film. As well i tried to import it through using After Effects but even there the Data isn't accepted and both programs, Premiere Pro CC and After Effects (I'm already using the lastest version of both) just write: "The file format isn't supported by this Program".

      If you have any clue, how i can get my Character files into Premiere Pro please let me know.

      Thank you very much.