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    Best way to repurpose content for a different layout? (I DON'T think Alternate layout will work for this...)


      Hi all,


      I just got notified from the higher-ups that we need to turn our print book into something digital, and can't think of a good solution of an easy way to do this.


      What we have are book pages like the one below. It's 8.5 x 11 paper and most pages have three questions on them


      What we're trying to change it to is a horizontal version that's 1600 x 1150px and has ONLY one question per page, with each exercise spread across three pages. The font and squares at the top will also need to be made larger to account for this size change, so I'll need a way to do that as well.


      Here's a screenshot of the before:




      And here's one of the after:



      We used data merge to pull the questions into InDesign from our online platform originally. However, they've were edited in book form, so we don't want to use data merge from our online platform again, as the questions there are un-edited.