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    reflowable epub and splitting the document

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      I'm having some serious trouble with my ebook. I've only ever used Indesign for print before, and was unprepared for some of the problems I've run into exporting to epub. My document is text only, with chapters and titles. No matter what I do, I cannot get any font size difference to show up in my epub document. I have changed paragraph styles, character styles, font types (in case the font I chose was affecting it), heading level, etc. Nothing seems to make the slightest bit of difference. If anything, the title and chapter titles are smaller than the main body of my text. Any suggestions? I really want to stay using reflowable epub. Am I going to have to fix this on the CSS or html level? Every tutorial I've watched and read made it seem like text sizes carried over into epub as long as they were listed in the paragraph styles. Here are some images of the issue. I'm using Indesign CC.


      This is the title style seen in the original document


      And this is what it looks like in the epub



      This is what the export tagging tab looks like in paragraph styles.



      My second problem is that i would really like my styles (chapter titles) that split the document to start on the right (or odd) page rather than the left, for two reasons. First, this is standard, at least in print documents. And second, the chapters always starting on the left hand side is causing a bunch of empty pages and funky placing. I can't even find a setting for this, I don't know why the default would be to start on the left page or how to change it.


      Thanks for any input you can give!