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    Save Options in Illustrator Scripts

    achaoticsoul Level 1



      I am looking for documentation for Illustrator Scripts. I would like to create several scripts that will export folders of files to other formats. I found a script for PNG export, however do the following options exist for JPG as well?


      /********************************************************* getPNGOptions: Function to set the PNG saving options of the  files using the PDFSaveOptions object. **********************************************************/    function getPNGOptions()  {            // Create the PDFSaveOptions object to set the PDF options      var pngExportOpts = new ExportOptionsPNG24();                        // Setting PNGExportOptions properties. Please see the JavaScript Reference      // for a description of these properties.      // Add more properties here if you like      pngExportOpts.antiAliasing = true;      pngExportOpts.artBoardClipping = true;      pngExportOpts.horizontalScale = 200.0;      //pngExportOpts.matte = true;      //pngExportOpts.matteColor = 0, 0, 0;      pngExportOpts.saveAsHTML = false;      pngExportOpts.transparency = true;      pngExportOpts.verticalScale = 200.0;        return pngExportOpts;  }