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    Brush tool-new to Lightroom


      Yes, I'm one of those annoying newbies. I'm trying to lighten the eyes. I use the brush tool. I see it in red that it's where I want it to be on the iris. Then when I try to make adjustments it excludes the brushed part and does it to the rest of the photo. This has to be an easy fix that I'm missing. What settings do I change? Thanks so much! 

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Your explanation "Does it to the rest of the photo.." would indicate that you may not be using the Brush tool. That would suggest you may have the Radial Filter tool active.

          The Brush Tool is toggled on/off with the keyboard 'K' key.

          The "red" you see is an overlay indicator that can be turned off by the 'O' key (or changed in colour by 'Shift+O' )


          If you do want to use the Radial Filter for a 'circle' over the eyes [Shift+M] , you would need to Invert the Radial Filter with a tick in the 'Invert Mask" box (or press the quote key [ ' ]. Then the filter is applied within the circle.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Wobertc has you pointed in the right direction.

            The brush tool is the one on the far right, the circle with the handle on it.