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    Images blank after upgrade to Windows 10


      Desktop - MBoard GigaByte Z87X-UD5H-CF, Cpu i7-4770, 12G memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX760

      Upgrading from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10.

      Using Lightroom CC


      All goes well except that all my images in Lightroom show up as grey blanks. Not quite what I wanted.


      Lr Win 10 Prob - 01.JPG


      I have Googled but can't find anything that helps.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom - no improvement.


      It seems to know where everything is - if I right click and Edit in Photoshop, the image gets to Photoshop and appears just fine.


      I have installed the latest driver from Nvidia.


      Anyone any ideas.