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    When I try to print a PDF file ID transforms the drawing into a worse one

    ismael alvaroc64431440

      Hello everybody


      My name is Ismael, and I am working with InDesign CS6.
      I am trying to print a document from ID, in which I have placed some Vectorial Drawings from Illustrator (and before that they come from Acad). The problem I find, to which I have not been able to find any solution, is that when I try to export it as Interactive PDF the quality of my drawing decreases, it´s like ID remake all lines and its thickness into the ones it likes most, and my picture becomes a completely different one, with a worse quality.


      This is the way my drawing actually looks like while on ID preview. Exactly as I would like it to be printed.





      And this is how ID prints it, after I try to export the document as a PDF (it doesnt matter if I try it as an Interactive-PDF, Printing-PDF, or If I try printing it with the Adobe PDF printer)



      I have been searching hard all over the web, and I havent found any similar explanation about what might me happening.

      Does anybody might know which could be the problem?

      Thanks so much for anyone willing to help me


      Best regards