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    Crop Using Facial Recognition for Positioning?


      Is there any way to automatically crop a photo in Lightroom (and set dimensions) on a photo based on the photo position?


      E.g. I need non-destructive Facial Recognition Positioning (FRP) or Facial Recognition Cropping (FRC).


      Since Lightroom editing is non-destructive, it would be very helpful vs. the numerous other programs that do this. Knowing facial recognition isn't always perfect, I could just fine tune the few irregularities (since Lightroom editing is non-destructive).


      Other notes:

      I can do a batch crop in Lightroom, but the faces are practically "always" a little off center and so every single one needs fine adjustment. Currently, I crop them all one at a time in Photoshop using a batch action, because it just works out a little faster. Both of these options are ridiculously slower than a non-destructive facial recognition auto crop would be.


      Also, the current programs I've tried to crop via facial recognition work, but the irregularities are too cumbersome to fix, considering the cropping is of the destructive type. Copying/pasting numerous random images to be cropping again manually is a real hassle.


      Me; Enters the room: Cropping 1999 style manually.


      Me; "Can we please party like it's 2000?"