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    After Effects 13.5 and 13.6 issues


      My after effects has become very sluggish. When I click on menu items, it can take up to a second for them to appear while Photoshop is near instant.  Most of these issues are happening on two machines. Here are some of the behaviors I notice:


      1) When loading it takes a long time on mediacore

      2) The "Open new or last project" splash screen can take minutes to show up, or even hang.

      3) While I can scrub through a cached timeline at faster than realtime, a preview runs at 1fps.

      4) When I click on a menu it can take 1-2 seconds to open (like file-New)

      5) When I try to save, it will take forever to save even a very small project. However, If I click out of AE, it will save almost immediately.



      My main machine is a dual Zeon, 32M RAM, Quadro M6000, Windows 10.


      I have blown out all prefs and reinstalled the software.


      edit: Added system specs.