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    Adding a file. What format should it be?


      My work switched us from Autodesk Sketch to Adobe Draw today.

      All my work has been done on Autodesk Sketch.

      I want to open those files in Adobe Draw to convert them and finish them in Draw.

      How do I do that?


      And how do I add a project from Illustrator?


      Also, I do have access to Photoshop C6 if their extension has to be changed.


      Thank you

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          4948_vector-drawing-go_step-4a.jpgShort Answer:

          • You can add any flat artwork as a layer in Adobe Draw. Save your Sketchbook Pro art to your device's photo library, then import it as a flattened image.
          • The design process goes upstream, your Draw project can be refined by sending it to Illustrator CC


          Long Answer:

          1. Your company switched you to Adobe Illustrator Draw?
          Or did a job/client/work make Adobe Draw a requirement?


          2. I use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro also for different reasons.  Illustrator Draw and  Sketchbook Pro are very different applications.  You're not going to be able to achieve the same design results using Adobe Illustrator Draw alone.


          If your company is instituting Adobe Illustrator Draw as part of their workflow, they most likely already have licenses of Adobe CC that you can use (on or offsite). (See Adobe CC Teams / Enterprise).  Unfortunately, Photoshop CS6 won't currently help you with the editable layered elements from the Adobe CC mobile apps.


          I would recommend that you ask your employer to consider Adobe Sketch - which will allow similar results to what you get from Sketchbook Pro.  Adobe Sketch will allow you to export directly to Photoshop CC. Adobe Illustrator Draw will also export to Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC!

          - - With Sketchbook Pro, you'll need to save/share the file.  With Adobe Draw or Adobe Sketch, you just need to 'send' to your CC app.


          I'm not familiar with Autodesk "Sketch", but if you mean "Sketchbook / Sketchbook Pro", the above applies.


          Additionally - There's no reason why you can't use Sketchbook Pro in your workflow still.  You can import raster images as flattened layers into your Draw or Sketch apps too.  So if your company or work requires you to use Adobe Illustrator Draw, remember there are many ways to use it!  I blend mobile apps all the time; use what you need to execute your creation.

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