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    Script or Paragraph Style?


      I have an Excel Spreadsheet with Business Name, Phone, and Category.


      Admittedly - I'm an InDesign noob - but I am picking things up quickly.


      I want to format this info (over 600 entries) into an almost "phone book" like layout.


      3 columns, Bold first line, tabs: with dotted Leader, regular typeface font phone number, next line category: italic.


      Link so:


      This Business Name ......... (555) 555-5555

      Financial Services


      I also need to adjust spacing between each (space after paragraph), kerning between Business Name and beginning of "..." (and after).


      Paragraph Style isn't doing it....it's styling the whole entry as the first line.


      Do I need to build a script?


      Thank  you to anyone who takes the time to add some insight.