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    Character encoding in flash

      I'm trying to view this application in Russian:


      But it's showing up in Unicode or Western. How can I change the encoding in the flash application? I've played with all the encoding settings in both Firefox and IE and they only change encoding for the browser text, not in the flash.

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          2m Level 2
          since player 6 the standard encoding is unicode (good thing, as it also covers russian), you can (even if not recomended) tell the player to use the systems encoding (likley to be russian in your case) when you make/programm an application, but I don't know of a way to change the encoding to use on the user side.
          If that application is made to run in player5 (probably the only explanation for the strange behavior) it would run as expected in player 5 (onja russian system environment), on the other hand I'd think, that even Players > 5 would switch the encoding to system for compatibility reasons automaticaly when playing a file made for version 5.

          (Adobe/MM is doing usually doing a great job in that regard- kudos!)

          So it might have been a server upgrade on the side of the app provider, and they'll likley to learn about theri error soon.

          Just educated guessing here.
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            jahigh Level 1
            Figured it out: I went into Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Advanced and set Language for non-Unicode Programs to Russian. Thanks for the help.