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    FLV Playback problem

      My main swf calls a videos.swf at level10
      The video.swf has buttons that load videocontent.swf in an empty movieclip of video.swf.
      The videocontent.swf is playing the FLV.

      I tried playing the FLV with the MediaDisplay component of Flash 8, I tried the MediaPlayback component of MX 2004, I tried EmbeddedVideo with NetStream and always get the same result:

      The 1st FLV I try to play will load, then stop at 1st Frame and there is no way to have it play.
      The 2nd FLV will work just fine as the 3rd...
      If I try to replay the 1st one that didn't work, it doesn't work and sometimes crash the browser (IE or FF).
      The problem is not with the 1st FLV because if I begin with FLV #3, #3 will not work but #1 will...

      It looks like the FLV need to be "triggered" once before really working.

      If you want to have a look:
      Click: Interview
      Click: 2005 Ann Thomas
      Click any video, here's the problem!