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    Unacceptable, Adobe


      Has anyone encountered any trouble when a project is being synced but won't? And when you delete the app and then try and re-download it on wifi, it won't? Because I have that problem. And now it's rendered everything in my home that uses wifi useless. This is unacceptable for this to be happening. What is this, Adobe?

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          TotallyUnstoppable Level 3

          Are you saying that Premiere Clip is preventing other devices from connecting to your network via wifi?

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            petergaraway Adobe Employee

            Hi Chris,


            Sorry you're having sync issues with Clip. I'm also curious what you mean when you said "rendered everything in my home that uses wifi useless." Clip has no affect on any other device and/or connection in your home.


            On some occasions sync can get stuck, in that case closing and re opening Clip should resume sync. Make sure that your connected to wifi or if you have a cellular device and want to use your cellular service to sync go to Settings > My Account > Disable “Back Up Only on WiFi”.


            Let us know if you have any issues going forward.




            Peter Garaway

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