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    Pen problems


      Hey, so I've downloaded many versions of flash and Animate to try to fix this problem. Technically right now I'm on Flash CS6 but the problem has existed through all versions of Flash and Animate I've tried. So I'm on a PC 64 bit, it's a surface pro 1 with wacom drivers for drawing. Whenever I try to use flash and only flash, Photoshop for example works fine for drawing, I can't draw. This is hard to explain through text so try as hard as you can visualize this. So, I set my pen down on the canvas. When I set down the pen it makes a mark like it's ready to start a stroke/line. But, when I try to continue the stroke by moving the pen, nothing happens. But whenever I switch to my mouse I can move it around and continue the stroke. I have know idea what could be causing this. I've used many other drawing programs on this very computer, none replicating the effect that this is giving me. Would really appreciate some help.