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    Creative Cloud Problems in the payment account ( caused by glitch )



      i have a big issue which creative cloud trying to assist but still nothing changed ,
      almost a week and half and i get this weird notification about account problems. when o talk with chat assistant he told me there's a glitch problem in my account which my payment stopped suddenly , i said ok , please fix it , charge my credit, and let's continue with the yearly plan i already have.



      each assistant told me something else , the first one told me to open a new account - of course not ! i have alot of things on this one , fonts , behance and more
      the second one said - i need to pass it to experts - no one contact me

      the third one said everything will be alright and my case is going up to high level department :S

      he said it can take 24-48 hours and they will contact me.


      this is the first time i feel that the adobe team can't assist me,  i love this service , but right now i'm still waiting ... for someone to figure what's going on.
      in 5 days my creative cloud is going to block my software  . i am a graphic designer, this is really urgent.


      Netaly Reshef

      a sad costumer who waits for help ( soon )