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    Zoom out in the timeline?

    Lintrup Level 1

      Hi there, i've just picked up AE and love the unlimited possibilities already!


      I just have one question, when i'm trying to make a transition between two clips, it won't let me zoom out to see more than 30 frames of the video (1 second).

      Would like to zoom out and have tried all the shortcuts that were to find in these forums, the slider in the bottom is slided all the way to the little mountain.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          gotta love those little mountains

          you are zoomed out to the max in your timeline meaning that's all the duration you have in the current composition. if you want to change the duration, you can do that in the composition settings. (tool bar - Composition - Composition settings). next time when you want to make a Composition and already have a video imported to your project window, drag the video to the composition Icon and you will be given an exact composition matching the duration, frame rate, and resolution of your footage - it the best way to avoid getting those wrong.


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            Lintrup Level 1

            Thanks alot