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    Changes in plugin after upgrading Adobe illustrator cs5 to cc 2015


      I have a plugin in cs5. It was working fine till I upgraded the cs5 sdk to cc 2015 sdk. The plugin uses ADM as the UI framework and since it has become obsolete after cs5 I guess I have use a different UI framework now. I read certain blogs and found that using flash is an option but I am not sure if there is any better framework other than flash which can be used with cc 2015. Can someone please suggest me what would be the best replacement for ADM?


      My plugin also used certain sample codes from cs5 which have been removed now and I also came to know that the tracing suite has been replaced with the vectorize suite. Is there any more changes which might be required during this transition? Since this is a huge leap, i am not sure overall what changes might be required. Can someone please give some detail about all the changes that might be required for the upgrade of illustrator cs5 to cc 2015?