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    Issue while generating word document in RoboHelp 9


      I created a CSS which I wanted to apply to the my document while generating a Word output. I applied the CSS to every topic by going to their Properties. Also in the Printed Document wizard, I selected the stylesheet radio button and selected the CSS I wanted to apply. But the word document does not show any styles being applied. Is their a solution?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds like you painfully changed the CSS in every topic, one by one, Using the Topic List you could have selected all the topics in one go and changed the CSS there. However, even that was unnecessary for this process as selecting the CSS in the print layout would be sufficient.


          I am thinking the most likely problem is the CSS selected does not have some or all of the style names in the topics or maybe the names are not an exact match.


          Take a look at my site where there is a full page on printed documentation including one going back to RoboHelp 9. Post back if still stuck after that.


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